Tens of Thousands of Children age 5-11 Injected with Gene Therapy Shots…Costa Rica Makes it MANDATORY!

Woe unto those who call evil good and good evil. I couldn’t watch it for long.


Costa Rica has made the Pfizer shot MANDATORY for all children ages 5-11. I can’t take more more of this madness, come soon Lord Jesus! From RT news.

Costa Rica has become the first nation in the world to make Covid-19 vaccination mandatory for children. Parents face sanctions – and potentially, forced jabbing of their kids – if they don’t comply.

The coronavirus jab has been added to a list of childhood vaccinations, obligatory under the law, the nation’s Health Ministry announced on Friday. The National Vaccination and Epidemiology Commission (CNVE) has declared immunization against the virus to be mandatory for all minors under 18.

Parents in Costa Rica might now face unspecified sanctions if they do not vaccinate their children against Covid-19 starting from 2022. Previously, if Costa Ricans refused to vaccinate their children against such diseases as measles as part of the compulsory immunization program, they were reported to the Health Ministry, according to the local media. The ministry then initiated a ‘special legal procedure’ for the minors to get a shot without their parents’ consent. Source

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  • Very disturbing and interesting to me because a good number of Americans have relocated to Costa Rica.

    I cannot help but wonder if this is a way of targeting them.

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