Taking Time off for Health Reasons

Hi everyone. The health issues just keep coming. I went to the dentist last week and found out my molars on my left side need to come out. The pain levels have been off the charts as the nerve is exposed but since it’s not infected antibiotics won’t help. Dentists have also stopped prescribing pain meds for any reason so I’m doing what I can with OTC meds but they just dull it a bit.

I will do what I can with the channel when I can but the earliest date to get them out is the 18th. In the meantimeGod bless and stay ready and stay watchful!


  • Praying. šŸ™

  • Oddly enough I was at Tuskegee Va on the 8th. While there three people came out with teeth pulled, because they are sending out dental patients. All 3 screamed so loud you could hear them in the waiting room.
    Glad I was there to just ask questions.
    You are clearly telling the truth. They did not use a esthetics. I asked the assistant I knew. She said they are closed to al, regular dental work. She said she does not know when they will open.
    Dentist come in on weekly rotations.

  • Johnny I have found a very effective natural pain medicine. It is called Kratom and is simply just a leaf from a tropical tree that is dried and ground into powder. If you “google” it there will be all kinds of negative stuff about written about it but I assure you it is pretty benign. I have all kinds of funky pains in my body and this stuff is pretty darn effective for managing most types of pain. I have been personally using it for about 2 years now and try to tell anyone who will hear me out about the stuff. Luckily the little gas station down the street sells it and maybe you might find it in your neck of the woods in a similar fashion. I’m not too sure about it being sold where you live due to varying states’ laws regarding its legality. I suggest this online site as it is the brand the gas station sells and can attest to the quality of the product. https://www.kravekratom.com/ There are many different strains available but for pain I suggest Maeng Da strain. I respect your work that you do and just wanted to make a helpful suggestion. God Bless! PS I promise I don’t work for the company to which I provided as a reference. =)

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