• Excellent message Brother! Thanks for the Prophetic teaching.. Question: Right now with the Abomination Shot and humans as the Third Temple, isn’t the Abomination of Desolation already taking place with the DNA changes and satan sitting in God’s Temple?

    Would Nov 10th, maybe be the Announcement of the antichrist? That’s where I’m leaning to. Nov 14th is the 7 Year Covenant I believe Ladauto Si.. You have both Beasts (UN & Vatican) + False Prophet and Obama the antichrist to confirm it.

    • Well, there is a sequence of events every Hanukkah since 2017.
      2017 A.C. does Cyrus Decree & underground synagogue
      2018 the 3rd Temple Altar
      2019 Kanye Nebuchadnezzar play and music for beast
      2020 mark of the beast by AC
      2021? Third Temple given?

  • Love ✝️😇

  • Hi , I also heard we are already in The Abomination Desolation time period.
    Here’s a video link that explains how and why.

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