Australian Military Being Trained to Vax Door to Door While FEMA Ships “Smart” Guillotines to Camps Nationwide!

Things are moving SUPER FAST NOW!

Everything is moving into total Police State/Tribulation mode now! First up is Australia training its military to go door to door and force vaccinate people! If you try to run to the woods they’re being trained to hunt you down! I don’t have all of the details yet but I’m sure they will be forthcoming as the authorities in Australia are not bashful about announcing new mandates and police state garbage! First the military was in the streets enforcing masking and curfews, now they will be going door to door to jab their own citizens and by force if necessary!

“Just following orders” isn’t going to cut it on judgement day so if you’re in law enforcement or the military in any country, think long and hard about what you’re doing. It will have eternal consequences. Here is the story from Hal Turner.

Video from Australia reports members of the armed forces are being trained to go door-to-door, and forcibly vaccinate every person in the country at gunpoint.

The military is also being trained to chase anyone trying to escape into nearby woods or other areas, to grab them too — at gunpoint.

People in Australia are finally realizing some of their political class, who are ordering such training and who apparently plan to engage in such action, are “evil to the core” and must be gotten rid of. Source link.

Video Talking about the Training

Australia is one proving ground but the U.S. is another one as FEMA camps nationwide are receiving their new smart technology guillotines. These will be very efficient killing machines as they are controlled by AI and facial recognition technology, just in case they get the wrong guy (or gal). Yes at the very end of your life the computer will scan your face and make sure you’re not one of the bad buys being killed by mistake.

I wonder how many NWO toadies will be killed “accidently” by these AI controlled guillotines as the NWO elites won’t have any use for them after they get rid of billions of us. How many of those traitors will scream “Hey I’m with you guys” as they’re led to the executioner rooms? Make no mistake these things are ready to go and soon everyone in America (whoever is left) will have to choose between serving God or this world by taking the jab/mark. Here is the story from The Blogging Hounds.

A  United States Air force C-17 cargo plane arrived at Andrews Air Force Base loaded with crates of “smart” guillotines, says a White House insider speaking under condition of anonymity. The technologically advanced guillotines, he said, are being manufactured in Beijing before being flown exclusively to US airbases. Then, the military distributes the guillotines to FEMA camps nationwide.

You will have to choose and soon!

The condemned person is secured with stocks at the bottom of the frame, positioning the neck directly below the blade. The blade is then released, to quickly fall and forcefully decapitate the victim with a single, clean pass so that the head falls into a basket below. The smart guillotine retains the basic design while adding several scientific advancements.

For example, the headrest has motion sensors and pressure plates that detect the presence of a human neck. No operator is needed; a computer drops and retracts a razor-sharp weighted titanium blade, which, our source said, can sever several hundred heads per sharpening.

If a person resists, arm and leg restraints spring forth from recessed compartments, rendering the victim immobile. Moreover, the smart guillotines employ biometric scanning, including facial recognition technology to exonerate persons mistakenly placed on the guillotine for execution. I put a video about it below. Source link

Bitchute Link

There you have it, everything is being put into place and the time to choose is here! The masks were the precursor and now the real thing is here, the choice between eternal life or damnation. Australia is even seizing the bank accounts of those who can’t or won’t pay their “covid fines” and this will soon spread to anyone who isn’t vaxed will be cut off from the banking systems. Wake up, time is so short!

Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. 1 Corinthians 16:13

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