Israel Preparing to Strike Iranian Targets, and Look Who is Rehearsing with Them!

Israel recently set aside 1.5 billion dollars to pay for an attack on Iran and its nuclear facilities thereby igniting at least a large regional war and potentially WW3! Iran has predictably said it would retaliate against Israel in kind so yes there is a lot of potential for a huge war that would suck in the other nations now training with Israel in the desert. Here is some info I just received in my email about this story and a video from WION, an Indian news agency. First up is the video describing Israel’s intentions.

Now here is a story on the nations training with Israel in the desert in an exercise called “Blue Flag”. Below is what I received in an email from a subscriber detailing this issue and the potential Biblical significance.

The ongoing BLUE FLAG exercise running out of Israel’s Negev is the largest and features the most advanced technology than ever before.
Here’s the JPOST report:

“Jerusalem Post Israel News”
Air Force Drill ‘Blue Flag’ 2021 enters second week

OCTOBER 25, 2021 18:23Israel Air Force drills with foreign forces in the “Blue Drill” exercise in October 2021.
Israel Air Force drills with foreign forces in the “Blue Drill” exercise in October 2021.
Thousands of foreign troops and dozens of foreign jets are taking part in Israel’s most advanced aerial drill, which is entering it second week.

The fifth bi-annual Blue Flag exercise entered its second week, with thousands of troops and dozens of aircraft from around the world taking part in the most advanced aerial drill ever held in the Jewish state.An estimated 1,500 technical and administrative personnel from different air forces are taking part in the drill at the Ovda Air Force base in the Negev north of Eilat.

Along with the dozens of Israeli aircraft taking part, some 40 aircraft from Germany (six Eurofighters), Italy (five F-35 jets and five G550 planes), Britain (six Eurofighters), France (four Raphael jets), India (five Mirage jets), Greece (four F-16 jets), and the US (six F-16 CJ jets) are taking part.”

Johnny’s Commentary

Hmm. The line up of nations participating sure is interesting. We have Germany, Italy, Britain, France, India, Greece and the USA. All training together in the Israeli Desert while Israel OPENLY prepares to attack Iran! Something is up in the Middle East! Prayed up and prepped up!

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