The Battle Moving Forward…

It begins in the spiritual realm, Eph 6

Let me begin by saying THANK YOU. Thank you for all of the prayers, well wishes, emails, and support! It has been overwhelming to say the least but in a great way so thank you! God bless all of you and I am reading through the emails but it takes time but I will try to respond to as many as possible!

That being said I don’t want the focus of the channel or the website to be about me and my health battles. Obviously this is an attack from the enemy and he’s trying to pick us off one by one. Rob Skiba and Russ Dizdar are gone, Steve Quayle and others have been sick with the bio weapon called Covid 19. I was hit with it at the end of March 2020 and it lingered until July 2020 which is when my smell and taste came back.

It’s only by the Grace of God that I’m still here and able to type this blog but that is when my digestive tract issues began. My sickness began in my intestinal tract and (moved to my lungs later) gave me the cramping and other issues that come with that kind of bug. It also shut down my kidneys which was scary but that’s already in another blog. My digestive tract issues have continued ever since that time.

Now I allegedly have colon cancer. I say allegedly because there is a chance the test is wrong and the next one will prove that out. There have been other indicators like my white cell count being up etc but there is a chance I don’t have it so that is what I’m praying for for now. Nonetheless I have started the protocols that I have worked out with my naturopath and my new doctor at the VA who will actually WORK WITH ME on natural remedies as long as progress is being made. What a blessing to find a doctor who actually has that mindset!

Thank you for all of the emails and advice, some of it will definitely be taken! Someday I will let you guys in on everything I’m doing but for now the focus is on diet and detoxing. Of course that means ZERO SUGAR which isn’t easy but absolutely necessary as cancer feeds on sugar! As most of you know cancer cannot survive in an alkaline and oxygen rich environment so that will be my main focus.

Now it’s time to keep moving forward with getting you the news that we’re not supposed to speak about including the Good News before it’s too late! Time is short and my promise to you guys is to keep doing everything I can to keep getting the word out before it’s my time to go home to be with the Lord! Thank you once again for all of the support and the prayers, I could not do this without you!


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