BOMBSHELL DOCUMENTS Show how Pfizer Blackmailed Countries for Shots

As I watched this last night with my wife I looked over at her and said “I know I’m seeing it but it’s still hard to believe that these giant corporations like Pfizer can be so BRAZEN and how no one is standing up to them”. Guys this is the BEAST system rolling out in front of our eyes and everyone is going along to get along. If you stand up to them you will be assassinated. Look at the President from Haiti as one example.

Here is the video from WION YouTube Channel.

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  • Wish I could say that I’m shocked, sadly I’m not

  • This is Pure Evil Forces and Part of The Control Agenda Taking Place Worldwide!!
    It’s Much bigger than People Realize ….
    Think 🤔 of the Power That’s Not Flesh and blood Behind This……
    Great Delusion Ongoing Indeed
    We Absolutely Need to Get The Gospel to Those Who Can Still be Reached, before it’s to late 🙏

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