Some Prepping Items to Grab and a Survival Guide You Can Download

For those of you who haven’t prepped much yet and you’re not sure where to begin, here is an illustration of some items to think about and a PDF Survival guide that you can download. All for FREE as charging for this information would be ridiculous at this point in time. God bless you all and stay ready! Prayed up and prepped up!

There you go! Some of you had requested some basic guidance on prepping so there you go.

UPDATE 4-25-22 I’ve included a video on how to make your own water filter.

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  • Listen up folks!!! Everyone is Going To Need Clean Water System!! Without Any Clean Water…. All of our Dry food, will be Worthless!!
    It’s Not a Matter of if…. It’s a matter of When!!
    Thank You for Giving people a way to Make Clean Water System

  • There’s Coconut She’ll charcoal activated filters on Amazon for about $27 for 2
    And you can get five gallon buckets free from bakeries and delis and fast food places
    Just look up five gallon bucket Water πŸ’¦ Purification System!!
    As of today, West of the Mississippi River is already Shutting down Water πŸ’¦!!!
    Be Ready for Anything folks πŸ’―

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