Non-Toxic? Gas to be Sprayed in NYC Subways This Month, Will DARPA Tech be Used?

metro station with passengers on platform
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Starting on Oct. 18th the MTA and DHS will join forces and spray non toxic gas into the NYC subway system to supposedly test the cities readiness to respond to a chemical or biological attack. They have been conducting these types of tests since 9-11-01 so why announce it now? Remember they have to TELL US FIRST before they pull off another big false flag. They also have “exercises” that turn into reality very quickly! What EXACTLY IS IN THIS GAS??? DNA and “other materials” isn’t enough for me! Here is my video report with links below.

From 2017

60 Days to Stop a Pandemic

2020 WAPO Article about DARPA and RNA Vax

Subway Article

Custom DNA

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  • thank you johnny, didnt see this 2015 vaxx covid 19 box deal before, gonna show this to husband, hes been waken up, and will not take the vaxxes, , thank god, , niether will i of course, , on this gas thing, saw this 2 days ago, from a friends website, and yes when i looked it up on google search, could only find like i -2 articles on this, which is a red flag in itself, the other articles where from 2015, and i believe in 2017, they sprayed , gas in the nyc subways before, , , usually when you see something on alt. news , and do a google search, you usually will find several articles at least, as of the current info., so yes red flags all over the place, appreciate how you put it all together, with the darpa, and , the spraying , , if something goes down there, in nyc, some of us will already know,

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