• The Anti-Yahshua, came on scene (world platform) in 2016….He is NOW in exile forfilling a parelling prophesy as Neberkerzzer and the Userper (bitem) to the throne sits there for a short period. NOW, since he (the son of perdition) reigned for 4 years: the countdown does not start until he is OFFICIALLY rebelled by One or Both of the 2-Witnesses. In this case, he has been OFFICIALLY UNCOVERED…Amen.

  • You know, I don’t think I’ve ever heard or seen someone put together Esther, Ezekiel, Daniel, and revelation like that. I’m still assimilating that info. Just amazing.

    • Hey Joe, let me free your mind by pointing to the Apostle Paul’s encounter, on the road to Damascus. Well, the info., that He pens came from God and NOT MAN. So, God today does NOT change, what he did then, He does today as well. This information is Devine, and it’s being released as God has Willed. Now is the time for REAL REVELATION, and the scholars will have to adjust their ways of some of their thinking. For instance; the death of the 2-witnesses /they descend into Hell/ they are Avenger of Blood/Kinsmans Redeemers/they KILL a multitude of Satan’s fallen soldiers/they are called into heaven/war breaks out in heaven, WHY? Because of what they did in He’ll. And satan wants revenge…Smile…because, God is!!!Amen

  • Haha…. Brilliant Leeland….’the Most High doesn’t have fulfill little pieces of paper’…..I love you Brother…❤️
    I’m so excited to see what else this prophecy will reveil. Does the surrounding years, of the king of Babylon, work on the same timetable too. I mean, will the events that follow Zedekiahs years follow on after Netanyahus years?
    Amazing work Leeland, AMAZING.💪🙏
    Glory to GOD ✝️

  • Sorry, ignore the question above🙄…I paused the video because you had me laughing…..the question has been answered.😇

  • Leeland was right all these years.

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