Think You’re Safe in the Deep Woods? Think again! Here come the Forest Druids…

They are coming by air, land and sea if necessary. Talk about the potential for the Terminator movies to come to life! This video also shows you how the elites won’t need humanity around anymore as robots will manage and take care of things that we used to do like planting trees and cutting down dead ones etc. Remember the Georgia guide stones.

Obviously this is being sold by the UN as part of their “sustainable development” initiatives and we know how they’ve actually helped create the problem. Well here comes part of their solution. I was shown this on Twitter by@DJJASONJOY1 . I will put that below as well.

Also here is what Trend Hunter had to say.

The Forest Ranger Druids are designed by Segev Kaspi to rehabilitate forests after floods and forest fires. The conceptual crew of robotic forest druids will each play a crucial role in forest preservation through seed planting, data analysis, and other essential tasks.

The crew comprises three robots called Rikko, Dixon, and Chunk, designed to support reforestation efforts and sustainable forest management. Tasks are delegated among the crew to facilitate the process for the robots and focus on efficiency. Some divided duties include sawing, pruning, planting, and monitoring and analyzing collected data. Their systems change in accordance with the needs of the forest. They can work individually or as a team depending on the presented situation. Source:

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the woods…Prayed up and prepped up!

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