Martial Law and Quarantine Camps are Around the Corner! New orders Issued!

We begin with my video report on this subject.

The martial law in Canada video is next.

From Wil Paranormal Channel

Here is the document from Canada showing the ministers broad powers! He or she can basically dictate whatever rules they want based on the “emergency”. Download it HERE.

And finally a video from Shawn Baker M.D. showing you what the emergency order says here in the state of Washington where I’m located. Scary stuff indeed.

Stay ready and stand firm! The pressure is going up up up! God bless and stay safe!

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  • You have Nailed it brother….
    There’s So Much Happening all at Once ….
    And Every Bit of it is Biblical Events Taking Place ….
    I’m So Thankful for The Lord Jesus Christ..,…
    Without Him.., How Lost I would be!!
    Pray for Each Other….
    Romans 12:1-16
    Proverbs 3:4-6
    I Corinthians 13
    Thank You for Everything You Do Brother 🙏

  • Good share. Thanks for keeping us up to date

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