Is this the First Video of Human/Animal Hybrid?

Another Hybrid?

Are we looking at the first leaked video of an animal/human hybrid? It wouldn’t surprise me as this type of thing has been going on since Genesis 3:15 when the “seed war” began. This is where the battle lines were first drawn as man fell in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve gave into temptation and ate the forbidden fruit. After that the seed war began when God said this to the serpent.

I will put enmity between you and the woman,
    and between your offspring[e] and her offspring;
he shall bruise your head,
    and you shall bruise his heel.”

This seed war continued with the fallen angels of Genesis 6 when they saw “That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.” Genesis 6:2 Verse 4 goes onto say that “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and afterward as well—when the sons of God had relations with the daughters of men. And they bore them children who became the mighty men of old, men of renown.” This is where we get a lot of our ancient mythology and “gods”. These “giants” were seen as gods to the people of that time and they were worshipped.

They are also the reason for all of the supreme evil on the earth in those days and why God had to destroy it with a flood and start over. This time God is doing it with FIRE.

So back then we ended up with the Nephilim, the offspring that this unholy union produced. Now we are ending up with hybrid creatures once again as the fallen ones are still communicating with men and even assisting them with their genetic experiments. We wouldn’t have the technology and knowledge of the genome of plants, animals and humans without their assistance. They are geoengineering this world to suit their new world order utopia where everyone is transhuman and your “essence” or what we would call our soul is kept in the cloud. Sorry technocrats but God has other plans.

The future they want for you and I would look more like the Borg from Star Trek.

The Borg

We can go back to 2011 when it was discovered that scientists in the UK were conducting secret experiments with animals and human hybrids! This was from Natural News back then.

Three laboratories in the UK were granted government licenses to play God with these human-animal embryos: King’s College London, Newcastle University and Warwick University. But what was the point of all this monkeying around with cross-species embryos?

The scientists claim it was to developing embronic stem cells that would be used to “treat incurable diseases.” Yeah, right. What they really mean is that they would raise a secret lab full of half-human apes imprisoned in cages, then HARVEST their cells and sell them off to pharmaceutical companies which turn around and offer them to patients at a hundred thousand dollars per treatment. As usual, it’s just another way to exploit living organisms (and put animals through medical hell) in order to make a buck.

Many people don’t know it, but even today, entire rooms full of primates in cages are used to grow viral material that’s harvested from their organs and blended with toxic chemicals to make vaccines. (…) The vaccine industry won’t reveal this dirty little secret, of course, because it’s all utterly inhumane (and downright gross). But now the mad scientists are playing around with half human embryos that could theoretically be used to grow ape men which are half ape and half human. SOURCE

Then there is this gem of an article from Technology Review that discusses human/animal chimeras and the ethical dilemma they create. Gee do you think? This was written in 2016.

Braving a funding ban put in place by America’s top health agency, some U.S. research centers are moving ahead with attempts to grow human tissue inside pigs and sheep with the goal of creating hearts, livers, or other organs needed for transplants.

The effort to incubate organs in farm animals is ethically charged because it involves adding human cells to animal embryos in ways that could blur the line between species.

Last September, in a reversal of earlier policy, the National Institutes of Health announced it would not support studies involving such “human-animal chimeras” until it had reviewed the scientific and social implications more closely.

The agency, in a statement, said it was worried about the chance that animals’ “cognitive state” could be altered if they ended up with human brain cells.

The NIH action was triggered after it learned that scientists had begun such experiments with support from other funding sources, including from California’s state stem-cell agency. The human-animal mixtures are being created by injecting human stem cells into days-old animal embryos, then gestating these in female livestock.

Based on interviews with three teams, two in California and one in Minnesota, MIT Technology Review estimates that about 20 pregnancies of pig-human or sheep-human chimeras have been established during the last 12 months in the U.S., though so far no scientific paper describing the work has been published, and none of the animals were brought to term. SOURCE

More mad experiments at Fauci’s NIH

The NIH (Fauci’s organization) said they were stopping because they didn’t want the animals to have their “cognitive state” altered. Do you realize that they’re talking about human type intelligence and reasoning ability? Truly God only knows what they have cooked up in these labs by now. Whatever it is you can bet your last dime that it is EVIL.

God bless and stay ready! Time is short!

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