School Shooting in Texas Leaves Multiple people Wounded

No one has been killed but there are reports of four people who have been wounded, three of which required hospitalization. Police are still searching for the shooter according to the report below from

According to reports, a school shooting occurred at a high school in North Texas. Police is responding to the active shooter situation in Arlington.

A person armed with a weapon is believed to have been on the Timberview High School campus, located in the 7000 block of South Watson Road in Arlington. Mansfield Independent School District operates the school.

Mansfield ISD says that the school was on lockdown while the situation was investigated.

In a press release, the Mansfield Independent School District confirmed the shooting, saying: “Mansfield ISD police, Arlington police and other neighboring law enforcement agencies are investigating an active shooter situation at Timberview High School.”

Parents are asked to gather at the student nutrition centre, located at 151 Mansfield Webb Road. After that, the district will work to transport students from the high school to this location.

Below is a video I found on Twitter that shows you what the students experienced including the sound of gunshots and panic. This tweet led me to the story.

A definite sign of the times that we’re in is the fact that this story isn’t even a headline on Drudge. That’s how cold and numb everyone has become in this dark hour and we must stay in prayer and ask God to keep us from having hard hearts toward one another. Jesus told us this would happen in the tribulation when He stated “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” Matthew 24:12

Prayed up and prepped up! I would make every effort to homeschool if my kids were still at home because our schools are like prisons now and people are starting to really lose it. God bless and stay safe and pray for the victims in this shooting.

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