Another 116 Earthquakes hit Southern La Palma in 48 Hours

And the cloud of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) has made it’s way to Venezuela. Here are the latest and the best updates I could find for you. From Strange sounds…

The seismic activity continues in the south of La Palma. In the last 24 hours, more than 116 earthquakes have been recorded by IGN. The current swarm has started 4 days ago, when another 115 rattled the same area within 24 hours

An increase is observed both in the number of earthquakes and in their magnitudes with respect to previous days. 7 of the recorded earthquakes had a magnitude greater than or equal to 3.5 (mbLg).

Meanwhile, a cloud of sulphur dioxyde from the eruption has already crossed the Atlantic and is about to engulf Venezuela!

Surface Subsidence and Tsunamis

Scientists believe that the height of the tsunami caused by the Sulawesi earthquake in 2018 was higher than that estimated from the magnitude of the earthquake.

In a report, they investigated the traces of subsidence and the characteristics of the tsunami incidents in the bay far from the epicenter.

Subsidence was observed at a minimum of seven points along the coast. And in accord with the reports of eyewitnesses, this suggests that subsidence might have generated tsunamis. Read the entire article here.

In another report by volcano discovery they’re telling us about 2 new vents and more lava coming out of them although the lava appears to be moving slower than before telling us its thicker.

The eruption continues with stable lava output, feeding several lava flows both near the vent and the main one that is supplying lava to the new ocean entry, which continues to grow slowly.

The cone itself is subject to frequent and sometimes dramatic changes. During the day, we observed increased steaming and dust rising from the northern flank of the cone complex and were speculating about new cracks opening as the cause resulting in movements of that flank. Later in the evening, two new fissures opened on the NW flank and rapidly emitted two new lava flows that quickly descended parallel to the north of the existing flows, covering and burning additional land, probably including other so far untouched buildings in the evacuation zone.
The new eruptive fissures we observed are in the line of the other vents and below the main lava fountaining vent.
Read their entire report here.

Then I came across this Tweet this afternoon showing a picture of the volcano and the Milky Way aka the tear in the firmament! It’s quite a picture of beauty in a dangerous situation.

That is all I have for now. I will keep my eyes on things as always. God bless and stay ready!

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