It’s All Rigged! CDC Changes the Numbers on Vaxed Deaths and Unvaxed Deaths

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I thought that the lies couldn’t possibly get any worse and once again I was proven wrong by the CDC. This time the CDC has told hospitals to go ahead and classify vaccinated deaths as unvaccinated deaths based on how long the vaccinated person has been vaccinated. Confused? Here is some clarity on the issue from an article I found on humans are free.

Here is how it works: A person who receives one dose of a Fauci Flu shot is still considered to be “unvaccinated” until two weeks after they receive their second dose.

Since the typical time period between the first and second dose is about a month, this means that a person is not considered “fully vaccinated” until about a month and a half after the first shot. Whatever happens during that waiting period, including receiving a “positive” test result, will be officially logged as an “unvaccinated case.” Read the entire story here.


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