We Will all Be Held Accountable for What We Think, Say and Do

People often ask me “Johnny why do you have such a problem with the pre-tribulation rapture? Why is it so bad for someone to believe in that even if it isn’t real? They still love Jesus so it’s all good right?” NO, it’s not all good because they love Jesus. Why? Because they are disarming the believer by getting them to believe in the false pre-tribulation rapture and because they believe in that then they may think it’s ok to take the mark/jab. I’ve seen it all over social media already. “The jab can’t be the mark because the rapture hasn’t happened and the antichrist hasn’t appeared yet”.

So if they take the mark/jab because you convinced them that this isn’t the tribulation and therefore the jab can’t be the mark, who do you think God will hold accountable on judgement day? That is one way the false pre-trib rapture doctrine could potentially take away someone’s salvation. You don’t come back from taking the mark.

There is no pre-trib rapture (it’s pre-wrath) folks and since we are already 4 years into the tribulation and Donald Trump is the Antichrist I suggest you get with the program. Below are 2 videos for you to watch and then use for your study. First up is Nathan Leal at Watchman’s Cry. It took a little while but Nathan now clearly sees the jab is the mark as it will be required to do any kind of commerce very soon. Even banking will be off limits as we have seen in Nigeria already. Nathan says it very clearly. Soon you will have to take the mark or lose your head so you had better be right with God! If you are afraid of dying then you are not right with Him.

Next up is a video I’ve shown before from Leeland Jones showing you 5 Biblical proofs that we are in the tribulation.

If you still aren’t sure take a look around at the headlines on this website and on the YouTube channel! Look at all of the earthquakes, storms, fires, floods, volcanoes, wars and rumors of war the proof is all around you! How many times do we need to hear “unprecedented” or “record setting” before we understand what time it us???

Please understand I’m typing out this message and sharing these videos because I love you and care about where you spend eternity! I don’t do this to be a jerk, I genuinely do care and I’ve dedicated the last 10 years of my life to doing this kind of reporting. My only personal goal in all of this is to hear the words “well done good and faithful servant”. That’s it, that’s all I am striving for.

God bless and stay ready and stand firm!

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. 1 Corinthians 16:13

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