The Second Bowl, Lake of Blood Sign is Here, Biblical Timeline Update From Leeland Jones

Today I’m sharing a new update from Brother Leeland Jones that focuses on the second of the bowl judgements, something we are going through right now. Also in this posting there will be a video on the Trumpets from May of 2020 for your study and review. I will also include the link to that playlist which Leeland mentions in today’s video. God bless and below is today’s update!

Leeland Jones Video Update 9-14-21

Below is the video from May 2020 regarding the 2nd Trumpet and the waters turning to blood as we saw in the news then.

Also here is something I found at the Daily Mail on the subject of the Dead Sea pool that turned blood red. This goes along with the article Leeland found at the Jerusalem Post.

Dead Sea pool turns BLOOD RED puzzling experts in region where the Bible says God sent angels to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah for their inhabitants’ sins

  • The pool is located in modern day Jordan, but in the biblical region of Moab
  • Authorities have not yet determined the cause of the unsettling colour change
  • Some believe its down to algae or the presence of iron oxide
  • Others have pointed fingers at the Jordanian government for pollution
  • Blood red waters carry major religious significance as one of the 10 plagues Moses cast upon the Pharaoh of Egypt to free Jewish slaves in the Old Testament
  • The legendary cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are also said to have stood in Moab before God destroyed them for their inhabitants’ ‘wickedness’ Rest of the article is HERE

Now combine this with everything else we’ve been seeing and wow, how can anyone deny the times that we are in??? Time is short! Repent and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior NOW before it’s too late!

Here is the 7 Trumpets Playlist. Click HERE.

Bitchute Link to New Video click HERE.

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  • May, God bless you brother

  • My only question is that if the world is under judgement wouldn’t the blood waters be an ocean or really large body of water? Not a pond over there.

    • Israel means the world to God. And the world knows it. Were it not that way, the world would not pay attention to the signs if were to happen elsewhere. Through the world wide web, everyone heard of these signs and wonders.

  • Thanks Leeland (God Bless you Always)

  • I’ve seen several articles recently on whole rivers turning red. Very bizarre and very biblical 👍

  • the Euphrates river “and other rivers” dried up in 2010, the NY TIMES even reported it and i thought, maybe the ORDER isn’t a true ORDER numerically so since the blood rivers happened afterwards. TRUMPETS IN THE SKIES ALL over (see youtube) and animals falling from the sky of one kind in 2013 for a year, monthly all over the world (and one kind of fish floating by thousands suddenly_)

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