Dr. Leana Wen Says Pres. Biden needs to go Further With Vax Requirements!

First let’s look at what she said in her Tweet.

What I wished the new Biden #covid19 strategy would contain: Vaccine requirements for interstate travel, mandates for schools (as we do for other immunizations), and a national proof of vaccination system. Cajoling isn’t working. It’s time for drastic action.

Here is the actual Tweet.

I will put the video below as well and I uploaded it to Bitchute so you can download it if you like. Everything we have been talking about is coming to pass and FAST! Get ready because something big is coming this weekend, I can feel it. Prayed up and prepped up!

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One comment

  • This is not a doctor. Look and listen to her. She is a well trained Peoples Republic of China puppet. This person has absolutely ZERO right to be speaking for Americans.

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