Covid Jabs Alter a Person’s Thinking and Behavior…AND it can be REMOTELY CONTROLLED!

Who is in control once you’re jabbed???

I came across a very interesting video by Dr. Charles Morgan on the subjects of Psycho-Neurobiology and War. Dr. Morgan’s credentials (in the video) speak for themselves and he has been a CIA operative as well as a consultant with military’s and governments around the world. One thing they asked him to do before he left the CIA was to predict the future of intelligence gathering, warfare and the state of the world. The lecture in this video is his response to those inquiries.

The video doesn’t mention mRNA technology or the DARPA hydrogel with Luciferase but rather focuses on how to control other people using DNA/Cell Invasion therapy where they can design cells to KILL ONE SPECIFIC PERSON! They have also used it to control other people’s motor functions from across the globe during something called “The Possession Experiment” which the doctor thought was “fun”.

It is at the 28:44 mark of the video where Dr. Morgan discusses the way they can specifically design cells to kill only one person and how biohackers using a chemical called CE6 in eye drops to give people night vision. They’re hoping to adopt it to see through walls using augmentations etc. Of course all of this is pushing us towards transhumanism and that is the REAL purpose of these “vaccines” which are really experimental gene therapy.

Dr. Morgan also discusses overwriting existing memories or even implanting memories they want the person to have. He goes onto say that erasing a memory is easy but implanting is hard. Imagine for a second if you could implant or change a memory. You would essentially change that person’s past thereby changing his or her behavior and motivations. Entirely false memories can now be created and it bypasses critical reasoning! Chemical implanting of memories occurred in monkeys in 2018 and Dr. Morgan said humans were 2 years away. It’s 2021.

One last chilling note I want to add as I conclude this post. At the 52:45 mark Dr. Morgan discusses implanting memories into people while they were sleeping and WITHOUT THEIR AWARENESS!!! This technology makes voice to skull tech look like the horse and buggy compared to a modern SUV. The question is can you sample people’s brains without their awareness? The answer appears to be yes and the ultimate goal is the HIVE MIND, kind of like the Borg on Star Trek.

The Borg

In conclusion I wanted you all to see what the real goal of changing our DNA truly is all about, CONTROL. Not just monitoring control, but control of even your very own thoughts! Your mind will truly not be your own anymore once you take these jabs because what they are is a new operating system for your entire genome! These nanobots are implanting themselves everywhere including the brain, so invading your thoughts will have never been easier!

This is why you need the FULL ARMOR OF GOD and Psalm 91 protection (by being sealed in Christ) because they are always using new methods and tech to try to invade our minds and even posses our soul if that were possible. The video with the entire lecture is below. I’ve also included my source material over at Jana Murray’s website which has a ton of good information you can follow up on. God bless and stay ready! Time is short!

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