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Today I’m sharing another “The Vaccine is the Mark” videos from Leeland Jones and in this installment we will see how the vaccinated are showing up on everyone’s Bluetooth phone scanners!

I took a lot of notes on this video including the Spanish part where the doctor talks about how there are 2 parts to these jabs. One are the nano processors that send out the information and they are in EVERY CELL of the bodies of the vaccinated! Every cell in the body becomes part of the transmitter system and it’s also probably why (my guess) they’re going to require booster shots as the technology seems to need replenishing.

Then of course there is the microchip that assembles once the vaccine is injected into the body. This is for information storage while the nano processors are for transmitting that information. These signals are amplified by 5G and the nanotechnology makes cells resonate with the 5G. The nano processor that’s driven by the 5G goes directly into the workings of the brain of the vaccinated.

At the end of the day you end up with a 10 digit ID code that is assigned to your processor. That is now your NWO ID and you are now part of the BEAST system. I will let the video do the rest of the talking but take the time to pause it, take notes and really let it sink in. This thing INVADES EVERY CELL OF YOUR BODY! This is the “iron mixing with clay” spoken about in Daniel 2. This is the Mark of the Beast. Period. They may add the quantum dot tattoos or something similar for boosters and ID purposes but the mark is the vaccine. It assembles inside of you and invades every cell making you something other than human. DO NOT TAKE IT! PRAY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE!

Nano processors and Self Assembling Chips

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  • Hello!
    Yes I did the blutooth expermint and the vaccinated did come up on my phone!! I will leave my email if anyone wants to hear the details.

    • You are likely getting airtag numbers, you would be surprised how many people plant them everywhere. If it looks something like this: 4C:45:A8:48:59:2C or 33:94:35:F2:B1:28 etc. on your Bluetooth scan please check existence of an airtag in the immediate area.

  • What do you say to people who don’t believe it’s the motb because the rapture hasn’t taken place? It’s frustrating when people say that.

    • You will never change their minds, I’m afraid. They seem to react to us with anger and fear when we say we’re not pre tribulation.

  • I just used my phone to bluetooth scan known vaccinated here in American Samoa. No one showed any IP address or anything at all showing up on the Blue tooth scan from them even when the phone was an inch away from the injection spot. They took the pfizer vax. I don’t know what they are really giving the Samoans here. I am not hearing of ANY adverse reactions here to the jab. I do know the jab in general is a depopulation tool though and do not know if anything is being covered up here or not. But many things here are now restricted unless u have the vax. Including even getting a American Samoan ID or drivers license u have to already be Cov vaxxed.

    • Very interesting, thank you for sharing. They may be using placebos in some cases, I’m not sure. No one I know personally is reporting any issues either but I’m keeping my eyes/ears open.

      • I listened to a you tuber who stated that there are placebos, and with each round. Makes sense, don’t want to have all the people having adverse effects at once. They built in the spike protein to shed which would take care of those who did not get it, like me! I left a job in healthcare June 2019 when testing became mandatory but got fluid in lungs with pneumonia and intestinal problems August 2022, no vac or testing but had to get tested to get in admitted into Hospital, negative Cov…d but they could not determine why I got so sick!!!

  • they keep denying this fact. I keep warning them this is the MOB and they say it is not and blah blah.when they activate the 5g towers it will be a massive genocide, we are talking of 1/3rd of the population will die

    • The sixth trumpet: a third of mankind killed, Revelation 9:15, and their power is in their mouth and their tails, and their tails are like serpents; Revelation 9:19. Serpents inject venom, and mouths speak like a dragonโ€ฆ(vaccine mandates). I believe we are in the 6th trumpet. Look up, the 7th trumpet is next ๐Ÿ˜Š

      • Yes you are right. The sixth trumpet also says the colors of their breastplates were fire, brimstone and hyacinth (red, yellow, blue) the same colors as all four of the vaccine makers logos. Look up all their logos and they use one of these three colors. Also, bound by the great river euphrates..this represents the blood stream in some cases. I absolutely think this is the sixth trumpet playing out now.

    • All praises to the Most High! Thank you for allowing Leeland to use your platform to continue his walk with Yeshua.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

  • this is the real reason why there is a shortage of Microprocessors all were purchased by these pharma lab corporations.

  • Has anyone received BT-99 on the Bluetooth around vaccinated people? That is what shows up on my phone. And I thought this was interesting, I found BT Corp that has to do with nano technology

  • BT Corp makes graphene nano particles in addition to offering a cashless money-back system for sale.

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  • So good to see Leeland again and the info is much needed for those of us who long to stay pure for Yahshua

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  • Absolutely the back scene is the snark of the feast. See my sights. jazweeh daut calm. danaashlie daut calm. I asked God explicitly in 2018…”how will I know for sure what is the mark so I don’t take it?” He said only one word clearly to me– “ZEBRA” and I thought “Zebra”?

    So I researched and found Zebra tech. Three years later in 2021 Pfizer announced “ZEBRA TECH PLAYS KEY ROLE IN ROLL OUT OF THEIR BACK SCENE.” Zebra has supplied the cold pack boxes to Pfizer that not only keep the chemical sub zero but also their smart containers monitor temperatures and display the condition of the contents digitally.

    Clearly God gave me an absolute warning. But that wasn’t all He did for me. He also gave me a taste of what it would be like to lose His Devine presence. For 30 minutes, due to certain chain of events I experienced life without the Devine presence of God.

    Put it this way, I would not want to live long like that, I could not live like that. I don’t know how these people can function without the presence of God in them.

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