Taiwan Scrambles Jets As China Renews Airspace Incursions And also Adapt Civilian Ships for War

Taiwanese combat aircraft were dispatched to warn away the Chinese aircraft, while missile systems were deployed to monitor them. Taiwan’s air force scrambled on Sunday against renewed Chinese military activity, with its defense ministry reporting that 19 aircraft including nuclear-capable bombers had flown into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone.

This was a pretty big incursion as China sent over 19 aircraft INCLUDING nuclear bombers.

I believe China is getting ready for the invasion of Taiwan. Remember the RUMOR that I reported on about a week ago, that China is planning on invading Taiwan at the end of September! In that story China said it would begin the attack with a 2 week bombardment to be followed by a land invasion.

This comes on the heels of China equipping civilian ferries with on/off ramps to help deploy troops and equipment in the event of an invasion. You can read that story HERE. I’ll put an excerpt from that article below.

MELBOURNE, Australia — China has converted civilian ferries for use in military amphibious operations, potentially enabling the country to significantly surge its amphibious assault capabilities in a contingency like a Taiwan invasion, according to a new report.

The July report was published in the Jamestown Foundation’s China Brief by Conor Kennedy, an instructor at the U.S. Naval War College’s China Maritime Studies Institute. The report said that since 2019, the roll-on/roll-off ferry Bang Chui Dao, a 15,560-ton vessel owned and operated by COSCO Shipping Ferry Company, has been fitted with a modified ramp able to launch and recover amphibious armored vehicles while offshore.

This capability means the ship can launch and recover vehicles without dedicated port facilities. This is in contrast to typical RO/RO vessels, which have straight hydraulic ramps for vehicles to drive on or off while ships are in port. Below is a video on the subject.

That’s just one adaptation. China couldn’t get away with building strictly military transports without it being detected so they’ve adapted these civilian ships to suffice. This way they didn’t attract unwanted scrutiny from the US and their allies.

It’s not a matter of IF China takes Taiwan it’s WHEN. According to internet rumors that will happen sooner rather than later. It also sounds like the USA will NOT come to the aid of Taiwan when this happens. We shall soon see.

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