An Urgent Report I Received Today 9-5-21

Time is short!

This is something I received in my email this morning. It matches right up with everything we keep hearing about, that there will be some MAJOR False Flags coming up here in September 2021. There will be another major event this month, probably on the anniversary of 9-11 or close to it.

This email gives us some details of the plan and I found it compelling enough to share. It even tells us why the Afghanistan debacle went down the way it did and it makes sense when you think about it. What better way to get thousands of terrorists into America fast and under the cover of “evacuation”?

No, I’m not setting dates for anything to happen but the probability for some major false flags to occur in America in September 2021 remains HIGH.

In fact the DHS in the United States has issued a National Terrorism Advisory that began August 13th 2021 and it runs through November 11th, 2021. Gee isn’t that about the time the Afghanistan debacle started? Here is the link to that advisory.

Richie from Boston also did a video on the subject of the upcoming false flags in America. We will see some serious hard times all across America soon and you will need a vax to get food. I pray you’re prepared! That video is below.

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Now back to the email I received.

I copied and pasted the email I received below. As always take it to the Lord in prayer but it does line up with intel I’ve been getting. God bless.


 I will make this as brief as possible. I hope you’ve read “Warning From Yahuwah This Morning – Confirmed This Evening” – August 31, 2021 – under the Mikvah of the Heart of Elohim.

 I now know why Abba was warning me while I pushed my buggy through the grocery store. His hand was heavy on me. I knew in my spirit that something was very wrong. He told me to prepare more, get food and supplies more.

 Here, briefly, I will tell you the most recent “intel,” from the most reliable source I’ve known for near 20 years. I can’t tell you that what is planned will be pulled off as planned exactly, but at least you’ll know the closeness of it actually happening.

I set no dates! I just share with you what I know is real, confirmed by Abba. I simply ask you who know Him to go to Him to get your directives and then obey immediately.

 As you know, and as the powers of the kingdom of darkness know, the new moon for Tishre will be sighted on September 8th in Jerusalem, or it will be September 9th by default. But, we’re just about to Yom Teruah, which begins the Ten Days of Awe. Please read the article I wrote last year about the ten days of awe under the Mikvah of the Covenant – and what their significance is.

 In the near future will be the time when the Beast of Revelation 13:1-9 does his worst with the full power of Satan and all of his authority and throne behind him. It is the time that if Yahushua does not return, there will be no flesh saved alive on earth.

  It is not surprising then, that knowing the time, Satan and his fallen angel forces will be trying to match what Yahuwah does – counterfeiting, using it to their advantage. Therefore, here I tell you what to prepare for, and how quickly to prepare for it.

 Here is news I’ve been siting on for a few days, but I can’t hold it back. If it is true, you’ll be better off if you act on it. If it is postponed, then you’ll still be better off for having acted on it. We’ve entered the time of great pressure, great fear. Don’t be one of the victims.

 False flag events are planned from 9/11/2021 through 11/11/2021. 9/11/2001 was the last planned false flag that got us into Afghanistan, into Iraq, into all sorts of laws to take away our freedom. How strange that 9/11/2021 this year is so close to 9/8/2021 and the new moon for the Days of Awe to commence. These ten days are also found in Revelation 2, to the assembly of Smyrna – the time of martyrs.

 The false flag could be an attack on D.C., or NYC, or somewhere on the Gulf.

The whole goal is to ignite maximum fear in the American people so that they will do anything they are told to do. Beware of fear more than anything else. It is the real deadly killer.

  The false flags coming are called “the next 9/11.” Remember Hitler pulled off a big false flag that united Germany around his invasion of Poland. It’s an old trick. You do something, blame it on someone else, and then rally your friends to back you to go after the one who didn’t do it … Osama Bin Laden died right after 9/11/01 of kidney failure. He had zero to do with anything in NYC. Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction, but was used as an excuse to again attack that country. The reason for the second time: To get the body of Gilgamesh/Nimrod and get it back to the U.S. for cloning. To get his treasure, yes, but more than that to get his plans for the “tower” of Genesis 11 – an extra dimensional portal opener. The plans were given to C.E.R.N. and they’re opening portals.

 We’re close, very close, to the fulfillment of Revelation 9:11!

 Biden’s whole Afghanistan debacle was planned in order to be able to transport thousands of Afghanis into the U.S., the first load were soldiers going to a base in Texas and one in Wisconsin.

  Another thing planned is a release of a new biological weapon, most likely not related to Covid – perhaps a strain of Ebola. Covid is already in 46 mutations.

The goal again: “Ultimate fear is going to be installed into the American people – at least they’re going to try. Massive deception is planned. A hard lockdown is planned. The word “Hard” – well, if you’re keeping up with what’s happening in Australia, you’ll get an idea. I said in a previous article that Australia was a test case for other nations – like the U.S.

 There is a massive amount of U.S. troop movement within the U.S. right now. The soldiers are being told that if the citizens cause problems, riot, or start shooting, to shoot back.

 You who have guns – only pull the trigger when protecting your family. Don’t ever shoot towards a human out of fear. This is why it is imperative to hear from Father within you, so that you only operate by peace and His Presence. You who have resisted the book of Act’s baptism into the Spirit, put it off, considered it religion, etc. with all the warnings and pleadings I’ve done in podcasts and articles – you’ll find out that without Him you’re on your own – and that’s Not good. You will have to go by your own reasoning, and that can get you into a lot of trouble.

 Keep your emotions under His control. If you don’t know how to let Him lead, learn quick. If He is not in total control of you, pray that He takes control.

 Different biological weapons will be released on different nations – different ethnic groups. But as I said in having a severe false flag a rocket attack is possible.

 The way is being paved for the system of the Beast to be ready for his rule. With his power, he won’t reign long – he’ll try to wipe out humanity quickly and the facilities for martyrdom are ready. Thousands upon thousands of guillotines are in 851 “camps” across America, for example. Christians and Messianic believers are top of the list (Revelation 20:4, 6)

 Remember! The Goal: Drive the fear level to its ultimate high, so no one will be thinking of anything except to obey what they are told to do to save their lives and the lives of their families.

 The plan: In order to achieve maximum fear, you take away the food and water supply. That is happening. Stock up quickly. In many places, the grocery store shelves are empty. Water is becoming scarce in many states.

  Public news is almost 100% lies. We’re entering the days of awe in real time. Remember Yom Teruah and Yom Kippur are both known as Yom ha din – the day of judgment.

  In a short time the U.S. money will be worthless.

Just go to Abba in prayer, get peace, and take action to prepare. I am not saying this will happen in Tishre or even 2021, but the military is getting in place for something. America is saturated with foreign troops and criminals. Thousands are coming through the southern border. 200,000 Afghanis are being brought in while the order went forth from the State Department to let no Christians leave Afghanistan. Thus, Glen Beck, Copeland, and Graham are not allowed to fly their planes into Kabul to take out Christians. Beck did rescue 5,000 it is said, but who we don’t know. The State Department ordered the 500 women, Christians back to their shelters, even though they were at the gate to get on a plane. Christians are being purposely left in Kabul. They want Afghanis in the U.S., not Christians.

 Just be on alert and seek Abba. If this does not happen soon, it will happen. The plans have been made and are in progress – but then, Jeremiah 50-51 and Revelation 18. Read the Psalm, and proclaim them. Proclaim the Imprecatory Psalms against the enemies of Yahuwah, for the fallen angels are indeed taking control of planet earth for Satan and his “Beast” son. To them, we are the enemy!

Make sure you are 100% loyal to Yahuwah and Yahushua, in love, submission, obedience, and worship. Fight fear – it is not for us. Peace and positive action is our nature, under “the mighty hand of Yahuwah.”

In His love and shalom, Yedidah

September 4, 2021 Ezekiel 9

End of Email.

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