As you’re about to see and as we’ve shown in other videos and blog posts, the QR code is proving to be the physical mark of the beast and the key to storing and scanning ALL of your information!

First a video from the Reese Report.

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Coreys Digs did an excellent story on the QR codes that go along with the video above. Here are a couple of excerpts from that story.

The “human barcode” and “microchipping” dystopian technology on human beings have long been censored and dismissed by mainstream news as conspiracy theory for years, despite the fact that the science and products exist, in some locations have already been implemented, and MIT has even published a study about it – funded by the Gates Foundation, of course. Even the Smithsonian couldn’t resist covering MIT’s study on how a “spiky patch” could invisibly record vaccination history under the skin, explaining that “the human body is an extraordinary record keeper.”

Here’s what’s interesting about this particular method – they liken this “tattoo-esque” technology of microneedles that inject patterns of invisible nanoparticles under the skin, as QR codes that can be scanned by smartphones.

An NIH study from 2012 shows how they carried out research to determine the best way to identify and store DNA data, which revealed that the QR code was found to have the largest coding capacity and high compression ratio, allowing them to convert a DNA sequence to and from a QR code. They then constructed a web server for biologists to utilize QR codes in practical DNA barcoding applications. In 2021, the National Science Foundation raved about the next-generation sequencing technologies that have revolutionized genetic data, by allowing them to store the data in a QR code so they can simply scan a specimen and extract the data, which streamlines data collection.

What’s the next step? Now that they’ve managed to store DNA data into QR codes, putting that data onto a blockchain platform is the next best thing for scientists. Just imagine the millions of people who have submitted their DNA through Ancestry, 23andMe, and countless other eugenicist-owned organizations, such as George Church’s Nebula Genomics. Not that they are all putting the data on the blockchain yet, but Church and others certainly are. So where is this heading, and what is the QR code really about? Read the rest of the story HERE.

Also here is a video we put up a couple of weeks ago showing how these “vaccines” are showing up under QR code scanners! The chips are built into the vaccines and they assemble inside of you (if they don’t kill you first).

I don’t know how many different ways I need to show you that this is the Mark of the Beast! Please share this far and wide. God bless and stay ready!

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  • Sounds like they are Genetically Producing a New Breed of Nephilim.

  • It just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Seems like this ability to scan at injection site might be the result of self-assembling nanobots using added adjuvants along with things already present in blood. The things removed from from that fellas arm might have been even a self-assembled RFID chip. I believe the scanner apps also activate RFID scanning as well. Worth a look into.

  • It says in the Bible that without the mark of the beast, you will not be able to buy or sell. If the QR codes become mandatory and they do away with cash, credit cards and checks, in essence you cannot buy or sell unless you use the QR codes, which may be tattooed, lasered or printed onto your skin. Those who refuse will have to steal or grow their own food and even face imprisonment and be shunned by society.

    • What do you think has been happening? The no buy and sell without it has already been introduced around the world but in a trial format. Almost all of Europe, Australia, the US and others enforced it in the shops, restaurants, stadiums, etc. It will become mandatory soon enough, especially after the new pandemic treaty was signed recently. Now the world has agreed to cattle tag the populaces of all the ‘nations” as their new track and trace system becomes official. After they unleash more sickness, famine and wars the people will scream for relief and of course they already have the solutions in place, one of which is the mark/vaccine. THEN it will be MANDATORY or you won’t be able to participate in the new economy when the big reset happens. All of the world will be forced into the digital currency which is INJECTED INTO YOU with the jab/mark. They can scan for it in airports and they stop you if they don’t see the luciferase on the scanner. Guess where it shows up when they scan? Please do more research and understand what this is! Blessings to you, thanks for commenting.

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