ATTENTION PLEASE! We have a New Addition to the Website!

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I have just added a webpage for NEW Leeland Jones’ videos and links. I have put up the ones that Leeland has authored already and as I get new material I will post it HERE on the NEW PAGE!

The idea behind it is simple. It’s another place we can share/store the videos Leeland has made and will continue to make so it doesn’t get taken down or censored. Since I expanded the website last month we have MORE than enough room to do so and now I am putting all of the links on one separate page just for these videos. This will allow you to see the material subject, click the link on what you want to learn and GO! (We also have control over the comment section to keep the trolls away so that’s also a nice feature.)

That’s it for now. I will get back to making some videos after I took some needed time off. God bless and see you soon! Enjoy the new material and please share share share!

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