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Today in Part 3 in our Mark of the Beast series we will discuss exactly WHAT is inside of these jabs and why they need to get it into everyone! Satan needs a control grid and we have to be marked/chipped in order to be a part of it and their new world order. He needs it because Satan can’t be all places at once like God can so he needs this system to keep track of us all and force us to worship him. If you don’t like it they can just switch off your chip and you can’t buy, sell or trade.

Today’s video features Dr. Christianne Northrup where she discuss in detail what Luciferase/Hydrogel is and what it does. She goes into how these sensors will track you and everything that you do including what you eat and the medicines you take. She also discusses how it will show up under those lights we’ve looked at so they have an easy way to see who has it and who does not.

Also we have another video segment from Leeland Jones where he shows you how the barcode scanners work and how the chip self assembles inside of you! The video report and the rumble link is below.

MOB Part 3

Rumble Link: https://rumble.com/vlxilg-covid-vaccines-the-planned-for-mark-of-the-beast-part-3.html

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