Coronavirus Vaccine is Mark of the Beast

The Vax is the Mark

Today we get into more reasons the mark of the beast is the jab as we study DARPA’s Hydrogel, the implantable sensors and nanotech they’re incorporating into the jab. Also what is ID2020 and why are they pushing so hard for biometric IDs? Who are the players involved in it?

These jabs are intended to keep track of you 24-7 (if they don’t kill you first) and because the mRNA they inject you with degrades rather quickly, they will require you to get “boosted” 3 or more times per year! Here is a Tweet on that very subject.

“This will be a regular cycle of vaccination”. I’m sure it will be. Here’s what MIT research showed in mice.

The researchers found that 24 hours after the mice inhaled the mRNA, lung cells were producing the bioluminescent protein. (from Luciferase) The amount of protein gradually fell over time as the mRNA was cleared. The researchers were able to maintain steady levels of the protein by giving the mice repeated doses, which may be necessary if adapted to treat chronic lung disease.

Here is today’s video on the subject. You had better be sealed in the Holy Spirit because if they make this stuff airborne it’s game over otherwise.

MOB Part 2

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