Vaccine Checkpoints in the USA Coming Soon to a Street or Highway Near You

DUI style police checkpoints will be set up to check you and your passengers for your vaccination status. From the

Each person in a car must be vaccinated, confirmed by a handheld device, or the owner’s car will be impounded and sold at auction in order to cover the enforcement fees. Vaccines will be made available after scanning the passengers and driver. Following refusal, any unvaccinated person will be sent to an isolation camp along with the driver. (Note: These roadblocks were rehearsed in Colorado both on !-70 and I-25 through a joint training exercise with the Colorado State Patrol and DHS. This was during the H1N1 scare in 2009. In the drill men, women and children boarded different busses, presumably to go to different containment facilities).

There’s that one and many more that Dave was told about and it confirms what Hal Turner has been saying. Yes I know, you guys don’t like those sources but we all KNOW this is coming! They’ve already done this in Australia and now France and now the USA and Canada are next! Just in case you think its all BS, here is a video of the camps they’re OPENLY BUILDING in Australia!

Did you hear what she said? She said that the people of Queensland WANT the facility to be built because they want to feel safe! The people here in the USA will demand it as well, just look at the comments on social media by the pro vaxxers! My video report is below.

There you go, full blown tyranny is coming to the USA. If you don’t have Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior NOW would be the time.

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