New Vaccine Cards with Chip Soon to be Required to BUy ANYTHING!

The US Dept. Of Homeland Security is coming out with a new vaccine passport complete with a security chip that you will need to buy ANYTHING here in the USA.

What about the conservative Christians and Trump supporters you ask? According to Hal Turner Radio Show’s source who is in DHS, the discussion went like this “if the election was stolen for Biden, the Trump people did nothing.  If it were actually stolen, the Trump people would still be rioting to this day.  So the fact they aren’t shows that the conservatives are all talk and no action.  They will do as they’re told.”

And there you have it folks. The time to make the most important decision in your life is almost here. My video report is below.

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  • I was told to get ready 3 years ago and also got a cabin in the woods, its very much time and most are not ready.

  • I also seen in dream Mayhem and police couldnt handle what will happen. Depending where you are, here in tenn people will be standing up and cause mayhem, we will be resting in the lord. we put water , food, gas away and back up generators

  • Folks, We’re Going To Need Each Other More Than EVER Before in the History of the world!!!
    If We Can’t See That All of This is Biblical Prophecy Taking Place in Real Time…..
    It’s The Way, The Truth and The Life…. Quite Literally 💯 Thank You John, For Getting the Truth Out!! Always Praying, Not Ceasing, And Thankful for The Lord Jesus Christ 🙏👍

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