FREE AUSTRALIA! THe World Needs to See What’s Went on in Melbourne on 8-21-21

“Free Australia” was trending on Twitter as police deployed pepper spray, fired rubber bullets, and tear gas into crowds of unarmed protesters and media in Melbourne. This is the type of tyranny that will be imposed on all of us soon.

Then there was a Tweet circulating this morning about Australian police shooting RESCUE DOGS because they didn’t want volunteers to travel (cuz covid) to pick them up. I am so done with this world. Come soon Lord Jesus.

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  • Still Think this isn’t going to happen in America??? Think Again!!! Americans have been SILENCED 🚨 But When People Get Hit 🎯 Hard and Fast….. Maybe that’s why Governor’s are Calling for National Guard…. Today!!! Look it up…. It’s happening!!
    To Control the Population!!
    Folks, Remember to Help Keep the Truth Coming and Support this Faithful Servant!
    May God bless Each and Every One 🙏👍

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