More Video Showing the QR Code the Vaccine puts out

This is more proof that the vaccine is the mark of the beast. I have seen more than these two videos but these are the two latest I could find and put together for you.

This is getting more dystopian by the day. Prayed up and prepped up at all times!


From Wil Paranormal channel

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  • This tears me up Johnny. My family has taken it.

    • I understand, my adult children have as well. I’m still praying for my grand babies.

      • This is in Sydney, the Lebanese made a video on this. I saw it on Facebook. Most people are so stupid & just dismissed it as being fake or conspiracy.

        I unfortunately have friends who got the vax. They’re all saying their fine. No reactions other than a sore arm & closer to freedom since our tyrannical government locked our state down & said we’re not leaving lockdown till 80% are vaxxed. Then it’s freedoms only for the vaxxed

    • My son & daughter in law did too. Plus her parents, plus my ex and his wife. They are all having a wonderful family time now with the grandchildren. I am not allowed to come near them. I am shunned from my own flesh & blood. Be ready for that. The bible says it will be so. Don’t let it change your mind. Stay strong🙏❤

  • Ok so the other night I was given “sortly” as I was falling asleep it struck me odd so I wrote it down. In checking the next morning I found it’s an inventory barcode tracking system stored on amazon server. I was then lead to look into the concentration camp numbering… So I asked God for confirmation and opened bible to Psalm 56 and vs 6 says “they gather themselves together they hide themselves they MARK MY STEPS when they wait for my soul” Mic drop. I just had “this is it the waiting is over” song lyrics in my spirit

  • Jersey Furburger

    These victims of vaccine fraud should be either angry or crying! Not laughing. Ha ha ha it’s a big joke they have me tracked as a number in a computer system! No! Not for me and my children! Thanks Johnny. I Love The website again!!

  • Deaths Doorway…..

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