URGENT! Los Angeles to Require Vaccination for Grocery Stores

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They’re telling us that this is being done in order to protect those that are under 12 years old and can’t get the vaccine yet. If you don’t take this experimental gene therapy you’re just “immoral” according to LA City Council members. Here is the story from WND.com. My podcast on the subject is below.

The demand for COVID vaccinations, including various governmental and corporate requirements for the shots, finally may be getting out of hand.

Not that it hasn’t already caused controversy, economic injury and more.

Now the Epoch Times is reporting a plan in Los Angeles to require vaccination proofs in order to go into restaurants, gyms, entertainment venues and retail stores – including grocery retailers.

The report said that would be more restrictive that New York City’s plan to require that proof in restaurants and such, because it excludes retail stores.

In a prepared statement, Martinez claimed, “It’s our responsibility to protect the public, that includes protecting them from the unvaccinated. The decision to not get vaccinated doesn’t just affect you. We have kids under the age of 12 who are not eligible for the vaccine yet, and someone’s decision to not get vaccinated affects them as well.

O’Farrell claimed those who choose not to take the experimental vaccines are “immoral.”

Entire story at this link.

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  • Thank You for keeping us informed and updated brother 👍 and you’re right….
    We are Seeing the MotB Happening right before our eyes 👀…..
    There’s So Much scripture being fulfilled, So Very Fast……
    I was just trying to help Stop an unfruitful argument that wasn’t getting Anywhere….
    I’m Always With Ya!
    Always Praying for You and your family 🙏
    May The Lord Jesus Christ be Glorified In all you do 💯❤️🙏

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