God is in Your DNA, Don’t Change it! This is the Mark!

This has got to be the best video by far on how the vaccine IS THE MARK! If you can’t see that after watching this video then you have been blinded to the truth and you need to repent and ask God to open your eyes! Please share this with anyone you know who is on the fence about taking this poison shot or anyone who doesn’t think this is the mark of the beast because it is.

Once again I can’t download the video from Brighteon so I will instead provide the link below. When you click on it the video will open in another tab and you can watch it that way. Apparently Brighteon (owned by Mike Adams) want exclusivity to videos on their platform so they have coded them making it impossible to download or embed.


Here is more evidence from Brother Leeland Jones on why the mark is in the jab.

If you’ve been on the fence get off of it and get on God’s side! As I’ve already shown you in another video and blog post this jab destroys the physical blood cells and severs your spiritual bond/blood covenant with God because it makes Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross null and void to you. Here is what He had me write down regarding what this jab does to you spiritually.

God’s word to me on the spiritual side of the jab

Stay ready everyone as time is truly short!

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  • Johnny, you are a blessing to the body of Christ, and I’m so grateful for all you do. Thank you!

    • Thank you! Other than heavensgems7 I get very few complements.

      • You’re welcome! I consider you to be one of the best “alt media” journalists, teachers, and watchmen that I have encountered. Your combination of knowledge and wisdom of the times from a spiritual, political, and practical perspective is top notch, and you don’t waste words or time with BS. And, I even enjoy it when you put the verbal smackdown on people for their ignorant and childish behavior.

    • Amen 🙏

  • Wow That Makes Perfect Sense ..,,..
    I’d Say we’re Going to See the Lord very Soon…..
    This is The Great Deception….,
    And We are Seeing it happen .,…
    That video Connected the Dots!!
    Great Work brother 👍🙏

  • we are definitly in those days, , and there never was a pretrib rapture. , the bible is quite clear, , , this is no dry run, , , the churches are the ones, who lied to us, , for many years , but if you seek the truth, ask jesus to show you, and he will., trust in jesus and his word, not the newer bible versions,, indeed it changes your dna, , god given dna, ,

  • Amen Ruth it certainly does.