New Proof of What Happens to your Blood after the Jab

Today I found a new interview with Dr. Jane Ruby over on Stew Peters’ channel. A new study shows what happens to your blood cells after the jab and it’s horrifying! No wonder people are dropping like flies from blood clots which cause heart attacks and strokes!

New Proof of What happens to your blood after the jab!

The link to that interview is here:

After that I prayed and I asked God for what was happening on the SPIRITUAL side of this thing. I wanted to know what happens to your soul and how God sees this in the spiritual realm. That video and the picture of what he had me write on my legal pad are below. I had a hard time sharing this tonight. In fact I avoided doing so for part of the day because of how final and horrible it is. Time is short. Repent and return to Jesus Christ NOW.

My video


  • And The Proof of this….. Is Everywhere but, On Mainstream News, ..,. People Just Need to Ask Questions and Dig Deeply Into the Rabbit Hole!! Then Decide to Admit that It’s NOT a Conspiracy Theory!! Think πŸ€” bcoz The World has been Programing Everyone for Decades…. To believe ANYTHING And Everything THEY TELL YOU!! What’s it Going to Take for America To Wake UP….. When Other Countries are Begging Americans To Wake UP,
    Keep up the Great Work Brother πŸ‘πŸ™ You have More People That Are With you On This…. Than you Realize!! Keep the faith

  • Also, I Urge Everyone to Download This One!! The A.I. Isn’t going to Allow This To be available for very long!! Guaranteed

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