The US Navy Pilots May not be Ready for War with China

US Navy Pilots Not Ready for War???

Today I found an article from National Interest and I found it quite alarming! The US Navy and it’s fighter pilots are in trouble both in terms of it’s aircraft and also pilot training. In fact the evaluators say it’s as bad or worse than things were in the 1960s heading into the Vietnam war. Back then they had aircraft that were not equipped for the type of up close and personal fighting that the Vietnamese had in mind and they paid a heavy price for that mistake. Now it appears they’re not equipped or trained to engage a high tech adversary like China or even Russia. Here is the story.

A panel of young aviators voiced a harsh warning to the audience at the U.S. Navy’s annual Tailhook aviation convention in Nevada in September 2019.

The Navy’s pilots aren’t ready to do battle with a high-tech foe such as China. The sailing branch’s planes must improve. Its training, too.

“Commentary from Tailhook 2019 suggests a new crisis is at hand,” James Holmes, a professor at the U.S. Naval War College in Rhode Island, wrote in Proceedings, the professional journal of the U.S. Naval Institute.

Holmes likened naval aviation’s current dilemma to a similar emergency that took place during the 1960s. “Back then the foe was North Vietnam, a doughty opponent that nonetheless posed little threat outside its borders,” Holmes wrote.

By the 1960s the Navy fielded carrier-based fighter jets whose design philosophy centered on guided missiles. It had become an article of faith that U.S. aircraft would prosecute missile engagements at “standoff” range, firing beyond enemy weapons range and beyond visual range. Adversaries would never get off a shot in reply. Missiles had rendered gunfights a thing of the past, or so it was thought in the early 1960s.

Yet Ho Chi Minh’s pilots were an ornery lot, refusing to follow the script American tacticians had written for them. Rather than remain at standoff distance to be blasted out of the sky, North Vietnamese airmen closed to dogfighting range and took their chances in gun duels.

Imagine that: an enemy might decline to do your bidding. U.S. aviators were ill prepared for North Vietnamese tactics. Indeed, the F-4 Phantom—the Navy’s premier fighter in the 1960s—was not even equipped with guns for close-range combat. ….

The present crisis has its roots in the period of relative geopolitical calm that followed the end of the Cold War, Holmes explained. Naval aviation’s training standards slipped. Its planes went years without meaningful upgrades.

China’s rise as an economic and military power, and Russia’s own military resurgence, ended the calm — and revealed that U.S. naval aviation was unprepared for major warfare.

“Recent years, declared one [panelist], have seen a ‘huge shift’ from the relatively placid interlude following the Cold War,” Holmes wrote. “Carrier aircraft no longer boast the same ‘kinematic advantage,’ or edge in speed and energy maneuverability, that once granted them near-invincibility in the Balkan wars, Afghanistan and Iraq. The rest of the story is here.

Sadly it’s not just the US Navy and their pilots that aren’t ready for a high tech war. There is ample evidence to show that the US Air Force is in similar bad shape.

In a report dated October 2019, the Air Force could only meet 62 of attack and 65 percent of strike requirements, but it could supply 92 percent of aerial tanker demand.

Not only that but after examining availability of 13 Air Force and Navy aircraft models, including the B-52, F-22, F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet and AV-8B Harrier, GAO found severe issues such as delayed depot maintenance, needed parts that were no longer manufactured, lack of mechanics, and aircraft flying beyond their service life.

Then of course there is the ongoing F35 debacle which some have described as a total failure as a program as it continues to run into critical flaws grounding half of the entire fleet at times.

In short the US Military is far from its former formidable self as now it is focused more on being politically correct than it is on fighting the next world war. Revelation 18 is about to unfold on America and it will be no more. Soon no one will be able to recognize America for it will have been DECIMATED. Nothing will be the same and there will be nothing but misery and death for those who are not sealed in the Holy Spirit.

REPENT NOW! Time is short.

The reports have been warning us for awhile now. This was from late 2018.

This one was from May of 2020.

Stay ready! Prayed up and prepped up at all times! The USA has been set up to fall and fall hard!

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