Thank You! We Will Now Expand the Website and More!

Many many thanks for those who have prayed and donated to help us meet our fundraising goal for July and for a massive website expansion! Now we will have the storage we need to upload many more videos directly, as even bitchute and rumble will censor a video at times. My website hosting says I won’t ever be censored so I pray that hold true. So far if there has been an issue they have resolved it quickly.

Thank you once again to all who donated and to all who pray daily to keep us going! Watch for the new features on the website (like a search engine) starting next week!

God bless you all and stay ready! There are a lot of events that will be coming at us fast as the tribulation unfolds! Prayed up and prepped up!

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  • This is Wonderful to hear 😊
    Folks, If we want to keep knowing what’s Really happening in the world 🌎
    WE need to Pray, Support and Take Time to Help Johnny!!
    Share His Monthly Fundraising on Social Media and friends and family!
    He does all the hard work, So We Can Easily get The Truth 👍💯🙏
    Thank You john for keeping us informed and updated brother 👍💯🙏

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