French hospital union chief calls for mandatory vaccination of everyone

The doctor is ready to see you now

We all knew it was coming. Mandatory vaccination or else. Who do you think the FEMA camps are for? If you said the unvaccinated you would be correct! Right now they are already taking away your ability to do anything in society including buying, selling and trading. Sound familiar???

This is the mark of the beast and it’s becoming more obvious by the day! Here is the story from RT.

A French hospital union boss has said a health pass will not be enough to curb another wave of Covid-19, and urged the government to make vaccination compulsory for everyone.
“We no longer have the luxury of taking half-measures,” Frederic Valletoux, the head of the Hospital Federation of France (FHF) and the mayor of Fontainebleau, told Le Journal du Dimanche newspaper.

“Everywhere, the indicators are going up again. The context of the epidemic shows us the limits of intermediate measures.”

Pointing to the “unprecedented speed of the fourth wave” of infections, Valletoux said the government should “assume the course of compulsory [measures] along with voluntary [ones].”

He added that the recently introduced pass had “worked in the short term, but will not be enough to achieve a real collective immunity.”

The pass serves as proof that the holder has been fully vaccinated, has tested negative for Covid-19 in the past 48 hours, or has recovered from the virus. People in France must show such passes to enter crowded venues and, from August 9, will have to present them when visiting cafés and restaurants, and before boarding planes and inter-city trains.

Do you see it yet??? Do you see how they’re framing this argument in people’s minds? They are turning the vaxed into weapons against the unvaxed. They keep framing it as a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” when we know the opposite is true. Honor God and not men and DO NOT TAKE THIS JAB! THIS DECISION IS FOR ETERNITY!

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