Tell me Lies Tell me Sweet Little Lies

The world at large wants to believe the lies of the world and its leaders. People may say they want the truth but they do not, they don’t really want the dark deeds of their masters exposed. If they were then there would be inconvenient things like revolutions, trials and hangings and they can’t have their bubbles popped or their lives upset. Junior is going off to prep school this fall and we can’t have all of this social unrest.

They also seem to IGNORE the massive wildfires spreading around the world, the earthquakes, the storms, the volcanoes, the massive amounts of civil unrest and much more. Oh and let’s not forget FOOD, which the world is in short supply of already and it will get worse. Look at these reports coming out of China and Brazil for example and yet people will try to normalize it all.

The strong delusion God promised to send is here, there is no other explanation for it. My report and more video on the topics covered are below. God bless you all and please stay safe!
Tribulation Pastors You Have FAILED!

Iceland’s Restrictions Could last 15 years to LIFE

Gibraltar and Iceland Breakthrough Cases up 2500%! Keep in mind they’re 90% plus all double jabbed!!!

Fundraiser, LAST DAY!

More evidence from Tim Truth!

More video on the Graphene.


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