Website Expansion, Internet Security and July Fundraiser!

We have a bunch of stuff coming due this month including internet security and more. Our internet costs also increased by 23% over the last 2 months (thanks to a monopoly) and donations overall are down. Our website storage capacity is now over 90% full so we also need to expand! YouTube won’t allow us to host anything close to the truth regarding vaccines and the “virus”, so we have to put that content on the website. Bitchute and Rumble are censoring some videos as well so the best option we have left is this website!

The link is below. Thank you and God bless.

UPDATE! We are getting close! We are now up to $970! Thank you to all who have contributed and prayed over this ministry!

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  • Folks, : If everyone will donate just $5-$10 per month, That’s Maybe Skipping just One Burger πŸ” King πŸ‘‘ Meal Out…. Will just 50 Subscribers Will Do This With Me…. We Can Keep a Servant of the Lord…. Keep Us all informed and UPDATED with the Truth πŸ™ Please Join Me for a Monthly Automatic Donation and be a part of Truth πŸ‘πŸ™ God bless Everyone

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