Fauci Says Official FDA Approval For Vax’s is Coming, Government Going Door to Door NOW

The Luciferase is in the jab but this will be your mark

Video is starting to come out on social media featuring these door knockers coming to homes (and gated communities like his) that have clearly stated that there will be NO SOLICITATION. They don’t care and they’re being trained not to care. I wanted to show you a video I found but Twitter took it down already. They don’t want you to know you have rights as usual. Don’t worry there will be many more.

Here is my video report on these issues today. I will put the source links below. God bless and stand your ground.

CDC Report on Vax Deaths

Biden Admin Spends 1 Billion on Housing Illegals

FDA to Approve Vax

Coming door to door


P.S. Once again Rumble won’t load the video onto the website as the compatability with WordPress is shaky at best. That’s another reason we need to expand the website storage!

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