The “Prophecy” and “Turkish Partition Plan” that Scares Erdogan to Death

It seems Turkish President Erdogan doesn’t like these Muslim prophecies that decry the END of Turkey as we know it. I got this from war news 247 and translated it to English for you here. I find this VERY interesting if nothing else and I can see why it makes Erdogan nervous.

“The West – under the leadership of the Illuminati – will attack Turkey and destroy it. “Only Pakistan will be left to defend Islam.” This is the “prophecy” of Muhammad Qasim, a modern-day Pakistani “prophet” and is spreading rapidly on the internet.

Reading his prophecies, as you will see below, seems to have influenced the troubled mind of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, according to an article from

The Turkish president himself has repeatedly referred to a Western plan to divide Turkey, and Yeni Safak’s spokesman Ibrahim Karagül has backed it in his “analyzes” – delusions over the past five years.

In fact, these “prophecies” are as if Karagul uses them as “inspirational” texts.

Who is

Muhammad Qasim Ibn Abdul Kareem is a citizen of Pakistan. He was born in Lahore, in 1977.

As we read on his website, he sees “divine” dreams for over 26 years, in which God (Allah) and the Prophet Muhammad appeared to him.

In many dreams, he saw the future of the Muslim Ummah (Muslim people), the future of Pakistan, and the events that are to unfold before the day of judgment.

The Pakistani prophet claims to have seen God in his dreams more than 500 times and the Prophet Muhammad more than 250 times to date.

God and the Prophet told Muhammad Qasim that his dreams are true and what he has seen will come true, so he must share his dreams with the world.

Erdogan frightens “satanic” leaders

Qasim saw in a dream that Allah allegedly sent to him, on February 28, 2017, the President of Turkey, Erdogan, giving a speech in front of a huge crowd.

Erdogan said in the dream:

“O people of Turkey, we will rebuild the Ottoman Empire and all the power I have gained will be part of this empire and we will regain our lost position.”

And then, in the dream, he returned to his seat and smiled with great pride.

Qasim thought that with this great power, he would claim to be Mahdi (s.s. Messiah) but Allah knows best.

Qasim later saw in a dream that the leaders of the “satanic” forces were outraged by Erdogan’s speech and said:

“This guy is very dangerous.

“Once he has this great power, he will be able to do anything and his plans are also dangerous.

“If he wants to be like the Ottomans, then he will be even more dangerous.”

Another “satanic” leader said:

“It must stop at all costs, it has already begun its mission and it is moving towards the conquest of Syria.”

And another “satanic” leader said:

“He could be a strong candidate for Muslim leader, no matter what happens, we have to stop him or he could become a big problem for us.

“We must pave the way for the Messiah.”

And then Qasim saw the Prophet Muhammad walking back and forth with great anxiety and felt that great disasters were about to happen.

Beginning of the destruction of Turkey

On January 22, 2017, Qasim saw in a dream that each nation had its own building and the bigger the nation, the bigger the building.

The US had the largest building and Russia had the second largest.

Muslim countries had only white minarets and Qasim saw only three minarets.

The first white minaret had the flag of Turkey and was the largest in size, next to it was a building with the flag of Russia.

The second white minaret near them had the flag of Saudi Arabia and the last white minaret had the flag of Pakistan and was very far from the other two minarets.

Near the third white minaret were buildings with flags of India and China.

And then Qasim saw in the same dream that the leaders of non-Muslim countries made a plan, discussed with each other and said that:

“We own the best buildings and we give freedom, meanwhile Muslims only have white minarets and they believe in a God called Allah and they do not worship our rulers.

“These minarets destroy the peace and beauty of the world, so if we destroy these minarets, our buildings will remain and Islam will be lost.

And the whole world will be on the same side and the Muslims will worship our rulers, if not, then we will kill them!

“After that we will have full control of the world and we can do whatever we want.”

When Qasim heard this, he was shocked and worried and saw that the evil forces began to destroy the white minaret of Turkey from its base.

The white minaret of Turkey began to collapse, but the Turkish people did not realize it.

Russia immediately threw a rope to catch and stop the fall of Turkey, but did so for selfish gain.

The “satanic” forces then cut the rope between Russia and Turkey and immediately proceeded to destroy the second minaret, Saudi Arabia.

Qasim’s dream warns that if the Muslim Ummah fails to protect Turkey, then it will fail to protect Saudi Arabia, and if it fails to protect Saudi Arabia, then the third and last minaret of Islam is Pakistan, which will be left alone. in the war against the unbelievers.

The Third World War

On March 3, 2017, Muhammad Qasim saw a vision of Turkey falling because of God’s enemies and a massacre, a movement in the Middle East that begins with Egypt.

Turkey is collapsing and catastrophe is everywhere.

Shortly afterwards, Israel will become very active and increase its operations around Palestine.

They will even build their Third Temple there (in Jerusalem).

Muslims will be able to do nothing but protest here and there.

Israel will ally with other countries and spread corruption even further.

The US will be their supporter and will help Israel by giving it information.

When Russia finds out, it will also form an alliance with countries in the region and mobilize in the competition for the Middle East.

The United States will then openly enter the Middle East to side with Israel and its allies to fight Russia’s allies there.

Russia will retaliate and thus start World War III.

The war zone will be the Middle East, so the worst disaster will happen in the Middle East.

There will be many casualties, especially from Muslims.

The bloodshed will slowly spread to Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE and almost all parts of the Middle East.

Israel will continue to gain more and more allies, and some Muslim countries will even ally with the United States or Russia.

At the same time, Pakistan is evolving rapidly and India, an ally of Israel, will attack Pakistan.

The US, Israel and some Muslim countries will unite to destroy Pakistan, but Allah will protect Pakistan with about 3,000 invincible Black Fighter Jets.

With the Mercy and Blessing of Allah, Pakistan will emerge victorious and rule India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

Shortly afterwards, Indonesia, Malaysia and other Muslim countries in the Far East will form an alliance with Pakistan.

Pakistan will then enter the Middle East to fight the two superpowers, the US and Russia, using 3,000 undefeated Black Fighter Jets.

Pakistan will attack in a way that no one can stop.

Pakistan will emerge victorious and become the next superpower and separate from the rest of the world.

Pakistan will rule the Middle East and the Muslim Ummah will rebuild Muslim countries.

Peace, justice and prosperity will spread where the Great War of Mankind took place.

Πηγή: World War 3 After Erdogan’s Death, Islam Rise From East, Muslim Ummah Unite in Pakistan!

Note that these prophecies are available in English, Pakistani, Turkish, Arabic, and many other languages.

The most “commercial” prophecies have become amateur videos on Youtube.

Several Islamist websites also reveal who the “satanic” leaders are, the Illuminati, who are fighting Erdogan.

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