Where are they headed? It appears that they’re headed to confront the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier group in the Mediterranean Sea. If so this could spark the beginning of WW3 as the Eastern front including Russia and Ukraine would ERUPT in war rather quickly. Also not being talked about are the ongoing ground battles in Syria between US forces and Iranian and Syrian forces. I also touch on that in the video below. Here is the article from

All ships and submarines of the Russian Navy, based in Tartus, were sent to intercept the NATO aircraft carrier strike group.

After Great Britain went to a very serious escalation of the situation in relations with Russia, sending its warship into the territorial waters of Russia, it became known that Russia had prepared for Great Britain much bigger problems, namely, a few hours ago from the Russian naval base in Syrian Tartus, absolutely all warships and submarines were withdrawn to the Mediterranean Sea. All of them allegedly headed to the area of ​​the carrier strike group, led by the British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth.

Despite the absence of official comments from the Russian Ministry of Defense, the satellite image presented shows that there is not a single warship on the territory of the Russian naval base in Syria. This fact is also due to the beginning military exercises, in which, in addition to the fleet, long-range Tu-22M3 bombers, called in the West “aircraft carrier killers” and MiG-31K fighter-interceptors, armed with “Dagger” hypersonic missiles, also capable of destroying one a direct hit to an enemy aircraft carrier.

According to experts, Russia is preparing a powerful response to the actions of Great Britain, in particular, a full-scale training of strikes against the NATO aircraft carrier strike group and the demonstrative destruction of the ship by the Dagger hypersonic missile system are not ruled out.

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