Al Aqsa Mosque Under Attack Right After “cease Fire” Between Hamas and Israel

In the meantime a Pakistani government minister calls for a nuclear attack on Israel! Wow guys this is getting very dangerous now when you have an elected member of a government calling for nuclear destruction on another nation! The media can hype up a “cease fire” between Hamas and Israel all they want but when actions like this continue at Islam’s 3rd holiest site, there will be no peace. Here is more from Hal Turner Radio.

Member of the Pakistan National Assembly, Maulana Chitrali, says jihad against Israel is the only option for Pakistan.

On the floor of the Pakistan legislature, he said bluntly today “We made atom bomb to showcase it in the museum? We don’t need missiles, atomic bombs or a huge army if they can’t be used to liberate Palestine and Kashmir.”

So now we have elected Legislators, of nuclear-armed countries, calling for their weapons to be unleashed upon Israel.

The foreign minister of Pakistan has said that there are 65 million Muslims living in Europe. “If Europe don’t support Palestine then this Muslim will destroy Europe.”

Here is some of the action caught on video before the rubber bullets started flying again. This is how the security forces from Israel are treating the media as well as the Palestinian worshipers. Was or is this being staged to agitate the Muslim world? My answer to that is does it matter? The result is the same, the Muslim world is becoming enraged.

And more still shots from the scene…

And finally footage of the CNN producer being shoved around by Israeli forces,

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