We Have a NEW Monthly Support Option!

Monthly Support Now an Option

It took awhile but I have finally replaced Patreon as a monthly support option for the channel and website! This goes through Stripe (payment processor because many hate paypal) and WordPress who hosts the website. The percentage they take is a bit higher so I’ve set the monthly minimum to $5, but you can choose ANY amount over and above that, it’s up to you!

We can’t keep going without you, thank you and God bless! The new monthly support button is below!

PS For those who still want to use PayPal you certainly can, it’s just a different link. https://paypal.me/johnnystorm

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  • Steven Whitener

    I missed the drama on you tube comments before you deleted them. Israel has social media soldiers
    Hasbara maybe? I forgot the name but don’t leave you tube unless they kick you off.

    There were weapons of media disruption in that Gaza building. BiBi showed the evidence to Biden…..lol

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