It’s time to wake up folks, all of this stuff is real and it’s in their OWN DOCUMENTS! Stop buying the mainstream media lie of “oh that’s all a conspiracy theory” or the “anti-vaxxer” labels! Those are weaponized terms created to instantly discredit you in the eyes of the masses. Don’t fall for it because all of the “crazy conspiracy theorists” are being proven right!

Time is short! Choose Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior today!

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"The World is Sitting on A Global Time Bomb" Don't Speak

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  1. "The World is Sitting on A Global Time Bomb"
  2. Massive Fire and Explosion Strike Iranian Steel Factory Latest in a String of "Mysterious" Incidents
  3. FBI Director Says Ransomware Attacks are the New 911, Cyber Polygon Exercise Begins July 9th!!!
  4. Germany Bans Russian Flights in Tit for Tat Response to Russian Banning
  5. The Coming Great Alien Deception, Occult Magic, Rituals, Ron Parsons, Allister Crowley and More!

Clinical Trial Report

8 Ways MRNA can Kill

Self Spreading Vaccines are No Myth, John Hopkins Study

Gates Foundation and DARPA Funding

Scientists Working on Self Spreading Vaccines

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