New Sanctions Coming for Turkey, Including the Banking sector and Erdogan and His Ministers!

Wow it appears the Biden Administration is pulling out all the stops against Turkey and President Erdogan. All of the slack that Erdogan was given under the Trump administration has been pulled back, and now it is going to strangle Turkey’s economy and Erdogan himself! Below is the English translation of the story I found at Warnews24/7 in Greece.

Article writer: Theofrastos Andreopoulos

The United States is ready to impose new sanctions on the Turkish government if it does not take action to protect human rights.

If Washington takes such action in a country that is supposed to be its ally, then it will show Ankara that it no longer considers itself a member of NATO and would prefer it outside the Alliance.

The US stops protecting Turkey

Of course, all this means that Turkey will no longer have the traditional American protection in other issues such as the establishment of a Kurdish state and the preservation of its territorial independence.

Suddenly, while the West itself in the past annulled the Treaty of Sevres now it is the West itself seeking its revival which means the loss of many territories for Turkey, as the Treaty provided for a protectorate of Istanbul under international control due to the Straits.

The issue of sanctions was raised again yesterday by Democratic senators, bringing to a vote a bill that will impose them directly on the government itself.

Edward Markey, Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley announced their actions in the Senate.

The bill will hit Erdogan and his ministers

“The bill will focus on Turkish government ‘officials’ who have been found responsible for the imprisonment of political prisoners, the political detention of journalists, restrictions on freedom of speech and other violations of internationally recognized human rights.”

The 19-page bill blames Ankara for imprisoning tens of thousands of people and violating their civil liberties under the pretext of investigating the July 2016 coup.

Turkey had declared a state of emergency by 2018, but the government continued to detain, imprison journalists and rival politicians.

According to the Committee of Protect Journalists, Turkey is the second country in prison for journalists in 2020.

The bill calls on the US Secretary of State to provide assistance to political organizations in Turkey working to secure the release of political prisoners.

Calls on Ankara to “take all measures to significantly improve the bad climate for journalists” and “to stop the pursuit of free expression on the internet, and to repeal laws allowing the government to block a website or remove content from her »

The same bill says the Turkish government must end the imprisonment of lawyers, judges and prosecutors and fulfill its obligations under international law.

Finally the loans

If these measures are not taken, then the president will impose sanctions under the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act and the Khashoggi Ban.

It also says the US Treasury Department should direct major financial institutions to oppose loans, donations, policies or strategies “designed to support the Turkish government in violating the human rights of its citizens” , in other words not to give them back Or dollar.

“Trump’s free pass to Erdogan for committing abuses has officially ended, ” Markey said.

God bless and stay ready! Who knows what Turkey and Erdogan may do in response to these new sanctions? Erdogan is an egomaniac and narcissist so anything is possible! Prayed up and prepped up!

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