The Persecution of the Church in the Western World Has Begun

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The persecution of the church in the west really began on Easter of 2020 when many churches were forced to close due to the coronavirus. Many churches simply complied and closed for “the greater good” instead of being an example of faith to the world AND being separate from the world! Remember as born again believers in Jesus Christ we are NOT supposed to act like the world, we are supposed to set the example for the world. Pastor Chuck Baldwin of Liberty Fellowship puts it this way in his column.

I’ll say here what I said in my (censored) message last Sunday:

What an opportunity the Church had over this past year to show itself as the salt and light of the earth. Had the Church set itself as a city on a hill, had it maintained its salty preservatives, there is no telling how God would have honored its faith and testimony, brought millions of souls into the Kingdom and placed a dagger in the heart of the evil one. Instead, the Church closed its doors, turned off its light and threw itself under the foot of men.

This is why I keep saying that America’s problems are not political; they are spiritual.

When the Church stops playing politics and pandering to politicians and begins taking a courageous, uncompromising stand for the truth of God’s Word, that’s when God will begin healing our land.

Read Pastor Baldwin’s entire column here:

Yep YouTube is censoring Pastors and churches again and of course we have the ongoing saga up in Canada where a Pastor has been jailed (in a MAX SECURITY PRISON) and a church in Alberta was closed and fenced off for violating the virus restrictions on church services. When the people showed up and took the fences down, the police state in Canada responded with 200 riot police all heavily armed!

Time is short! Seek Jesus NOW while you still can! This persecution will only get worse! Pray like your life depends on it because it does!

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