New CDC Death Statistics From Experimental Covid Shots as More and More Healthy People Die from them!

The new CDC stats are out and they don’t look good! Keep in mind that less than 1% of adverse events from vaccines are ever reported, so the numbers are likely quite a bit higher!

Also perfectly healthy people from their teens up to age 45 are also dying or being hospitalized from these experimental vaccines! What do they have in common? Cardiac Arrest and heart inflammation! All of that in more is in the new video below!

45 Year Old Doctor

Israeli Teenager

CDC Data

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  • Oh my word! Last I checked VAERS there were 181 deaths after the covid jab. To think this is possibly only 1% of reported deaths, that would be 50,000 deaths! People don’t see this or know about it. I feel like the media is making it seem hard to get a vaccine, so more people are rushing to get them before they run out. I can’t imagine what will happen when drug stores & grocery stores start vaccinating. Then people will start to see the side effects of people sitting for observation for 15 minutes. The ambulances will be busy going from store to store picking up patients! This is insane. I bet there is nothing about this on the news. Just stories of anti-vaxers and domestic terrorists, both words used in the same sentence. They are trashing anti-vaxers making us seem like terrible horrible people when we really just want to warn people.
    What is evil is now good and what is good is now evil. ❤🙏 Thank you God for warning us of these times in the bible🙏

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