Grocery workers Union Pushing for Vaccines For Employees, Soon You Will Need Proof of Your Vaccination to Shop

It’s not just travel and concerts that you will be blocked from without a new coronavirus vaccine! As soon as employees at grocery stores get vaccinated, YOU will have to show proof that you’re vaccinated or you will be denied entry.

Revelation 13:17

Of course the fearful and the unbelieving world out there WANTS the vaccine ASAP so they don’t have to “work in fear”. They have no idea what’s in that vaccine and they don’t care, they’re just scared. Here’s a report from King 5 in Seattle.

Union for Grocery Workers Pushing for Vax!

Prayed up and prepped up at all times!

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  • I have no doubt this is the mark of the beast. There are so many false teachers out there. Jesus warned us in the bible! I watched a video on Revelations of Jesus Christ website that was very good. It’s called The Human Temple of BAAL. He showed so many so-called pastors that were saying it’s OK to take the vax. It is sickening how many wolves in sheep’s clothing there are. The pope is #1 wolf. This is why it is so important to read your bible people!! The truth is in the bible. I will leave the link if anyone might be interested.
    Thank you so much Johnny. I love your website. When and if I get my big stimulus check I will donate!

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