I didn’t even get to 5G and the threats that it poses to all of humanity but the videos I will link you to do address it as well as many other channels. What I wanted to get across to you here is that between the electronic, biological and spiritual attacks we as believers need the FULL ARMOR of God everyday and His protection is the only way we will survive what’s coming. That’s why I went through what I did this past spring. It was so I could testify to you all what Covid is and what it does and the fact it is a bioweapon they are using to target segments of the population. Now with the Pfizer and Moderna MRNA vaccines they get to inject these things directly into people and essentially shut them off from the world when they get out of line.

Don’t let anyone tell you that these vaccines aren’t bioweapons because that’s exactly what they are! They are a big part of the mark of the beast system that’s ready to be implemented worldwide! First up is todays video explaining what happened to me today and how my heart rate was accelerated almost beyond my ability to count!

Today’s Report on Electronic Harassment, Bioweapons and more!

Nanobots and Viruses Part 1

Dr Christine Northrop and the DNA Changing Vaccines

Influenza Disappears

Catherine Austin Fitts Interview

What is Electronic Harassment?

Hundreds Wait Overnight For Jabs

Chinese Study 10 Million People and find NO ASYMPTOMATIC SPREAD!


  • I have had 3 of those attacks the past 6 months. My heart rate will go up off the charts. I can hear my heart beating. Then my limbs feel numb or electric. My throat feels like it’s closing. I rebuke it in Jesus name and it will stop but it’s scary. I don’t make videos but I watch truth channels and Christian channels and comment. Project Pogo. They know who I am and where I am. Each time I had this, I was on my porch with my phone. It never had happened before. I thought I was going to die the first time. I wrote a note to my son with my symptoms in case he found me dead.
    Just wanted to put this comment out here to see if anyone else experienced this. Thank you Johnny. God bless

  • I been warning about AI system since 2011. Skynet is real.

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